XIII Remake Review

XIII Remake as the name of our article suggests is a remake of the 2003 classic XIII. XIII remake is developed by PlayMagic and published by Microids. It has recently launched on Steam to not so great reviews, so we decided to have a look at XIII Remake ourselves and tell you what we think. Here is our XIII Remake review.


I have not played the original game, so I have no idea how it was. But just glancing at some reviews that were already out and my hopes are not that high for XIII Remake. Still, I always go into writing reviews and playing games as unbiased as I can be so I will do my best here. Since I did not have a chance to play the original game, I won’t compare the two that much, so if you don’t like that, this review will probably not be for you. So let’s dive deeper into our XIII Remake review.


You play as XIII, and your task is to figure out who assassinated the president. The plot is simple as that so that I won’t go into many details, and there is no need for it. And that is for better since the story seems to be full of plot holes. And that becomes especially evident once you hear the in-game dialogues. I do not know what they have done, but the dialogue just sometimes made me wonder what the hell is happening?

XIII Remake being an FPS shooter the gameplay is relatively simple and straightforward. It would at least be if it all worked right. Even before starting the game on the PS4, we had issues. We could not even activate the key that we have gotten for the review purposes and had to get another one. And I wish I could tell you there is where the problems stopped. But unfortunately not. The enemy AI seems to be dumber than a rock and for the most of the part will just stand there oblivious at players presence and us shoot them. And at other times the AI will go completely haywire and just spot you for no reason at all.

XIII Remake is full of frame-rate issues throughout the game. I will be honest right here and admit I did not get to complete the game. My eyes were hurting at times from all the lag and framerate skips that were happening. Even basic actions as shooting the guns cause the game to lag a bit and frames to either skip or straight-up skip sometimes. It sometimes is good that the AI is as bad as it is, otherwise you would be dead at times thanks to the lag that happens.

The game lacks at its core, and it is so sad. While checking the Steam discussions, I saw a lot of people were excited about this release, and their excitement immediately got crushed once they saw what mess the game truly is. XIII Remake was supposed to be released last year, but I guess due to issues it was not. I wish the devs took some more time to at least try to fix the game and make it a bit more playable. Right now in this state, you will suffer from all kinds of issues while trying to play it.


XIII Remake has cell-shaded graphics, similar to comic books. But it does not even look good. If you think this will be Borderlands style graphics you could not be more wrong. The character models are straight up ugly, and it feels like devs had to cut polygon numbers on characters so the game would run better. And yet it still ran like shit. I wish I could say at least something positive about XIII Remake, but I am running dry.


XIII Remake is not a good remake. We have covered a lot of remakes this year, but XIII Remake takes the title as the worst one yet. And I say this with a great deal of pain. I don’t want any game to be bad. If it was up to me, all games could be perfect, and I wish I could grade all of them with at least 9’s. But sometimes it is not possible. XIII Remake has numerous issues starting with the fundamental gameplay, frame-rate issues, and AI. And on top of that, adding that the graphics are ugly, I could not take anymore. I sincerely hope developers try to fix the game at least a bit. Hope you enjoyed our XIII Remake review.

XIII Remake Review
XIII Remake is bad. It needs a huge amount of work to even make it playable and not wanting me to quit.
Story Is Okay
Issues All Around
Unplayable Sometimes
Needs So Much Fixing