Twin Mirror Review


We have all played Life is Strange, and let’s be honest; it is a fantastic game. The story is incredible, the gameplay is brilliant, and the whole bundle is impressive. Now from the same developers, we get a new game, called Twin Mirror. It might not be as good as the previous games made by DONTNOD, but it still takes on some interesting points that made me question myself as not many games did before. So why don’t we jump a bit deeper with our Twin Mirror review.


Twin Mirror offers similar investigative gameplay we have seen before. In each chapter, you will be around an area that is very important to your investigation. So players will have to investigate, and after they have done enough and gathered all of the needed info and clues be able to advance the plot. Just like in previous games, players will have to dissect events and connect key clues to be able to progress the story further. There is not that much I can talk about in the gameplay since most of the game is focused on the story. And that is why we primarily play these kinds of games.


I won’t share any significant spoilers or even smaller ones so you can feel free to read the whole thing. You play as Sam, a journalist who returns to his hometown after his best friend died. As with many similar games before, of course, at some point in the story, you get tasked with investigating a death. We all know how it goes and has been asked to do it at some point, right? It can’t be just me. And so Sam decides to investigate what could seem to be a murder.

Sam is also suffering from depression so often while playing; he will slip into what seems to be called some kind of mind palace where he can forget about everything. An aspiration also leads Sam, called Him, which at some points acts as Sam’s conscience. As with previous games from the same developers, there are plenty of choices to be made, and they will have consequences.


Twin Mirror looks way better then. Life is Strange and previous games. It seems like a lot of work was done on improving the graphics elements, and it shows. Twin Mirror looks lovely and nice on the eyes. Textures, models look excellent and high quality. We played the game on the PS4, and it looked stunning. Twin Mirror is as you would expect fully voiced, and all of the voice acting is well done, and the characters sound excellent.


Twin Mirror is an a-okay game with a good enough story. That is probably the best I can tell you about Twin Mirror. It does have a lot of positives, but there are also plenty of negative things. If you are expecting another Life is Strange, this is not it, unfortunately. I did enjoy the story, but in the end, it kind of ruins itself. And I can’t tell you much more without spoiling too much. If narrative games are your cup of tea, I say give Twin Mirror a go and see for yourself. But if you are coming here expecting another hit like Life is Strange, big skip. Hope you enjoyed our Twin Mirror review.

Twin Mirror Review
Twin Mirror is an a-okay game with a good enough story. It is not Life is Strange, and it does not come even close to it.
Cool Characters
Story Is Confusing At Times
Gameplay Is Not Great