Realpolitiks II Review

Realpolitiks II is a successor as you probably guessed to Realpolitiks. It is developed by Jujubee and published by 1C Entertainment. Realpolitiks II just a few days ago entered Early Access program, and we had a chance to give it a go and tell you guys what we think about the game. Should you get it or should you wait for the full release? Well, we are here to answer all your questions in our Realpolitiks II review.


I spent quite a few hours playing Realpolitiks; it was quite a good game, although it never truly shined. So when I heard that Realpolitiks II is finally getting released, I was excited to say at least. I have had hoped that all of the issues that bugged the previous title would be fixed and of course, was hoping for new mechanics and gameplay elements. And it does pretty well on all fronts, but it still does lack that something. And we have to take into account that Realpolitiks II is still in very early access, as you will see in our review. So take all of this with a grain of salt depending on when you are reading the article as much could have been changed by the time you are reading.


In Realpolitiks II, you get to lead a nation of your choice to global domination. And I know it might sound simple on paper, but Realpolitiks II offers deep strategic gameplay below the rough surface. The campaign, part of the game you will be spending most of the time on offers profound and strategic gameplay. Players will pick a nation they want to lead to glory and will have to in turn deal with all of the consequences that come with that and their decisions. Besides the campaign, there is also support for mods, which you can play within separate game mode.

Realpolitiks was never as complicated as some other strategy games, but some people don’t even want that. What is the point of enjoying a game if I have to read through a hundred-page manual to do it? Sure it might have its beauties, but so does simplicity. But let me repeat it, Realpolitiks II is also really deep. Players in Realpolitiks II can lobby their parliament, ally with other nations, set the tax rate, recruit more troop, declare war. And there is a lot more to it than just that. There is also the ability to do projects, some for better and some for worse. It is all up to you how you want to play and what kind of nation you want to create.

Unlike in the first game, in Realpolitiks II, it is also available to build inside the provinces and improve them with numerous projects you deem valuable and needed. It is an excellent addition and adds just that much more depth to the game. Now it is not all without issues, and the main one being resources for the most part. No matter what nation I played at some point, sooner or later resources will become a problem. It seems like Realpolitiks II still needs some balancing before being released fully. Although I assume, that is still some time away.

Realpolitiks II also seems to play slow. And when I say slow, I do mean it entirely. It can take years to develop projects or some other in-game activities, which seems way too long. Often while playing, I found myself just doing nothing and waiting for in-game time to pass or some specific thing to complete so I can move on. And that is not a good sign for the game. It needs something more to fill that time in between or a tweak to how long it takes for everything to complete. Some in-game events happen occasionally, but they are precisely that, occasionally, and sometimes it takes ages for them to appear.


Realpolitiks II does look somewhat better than the previous game, but not by much. I am not impressed by graphics or how the map looks, but it is a strategy game after all, and graphics are never the main focus here. Although it is better if the game looks good, we might let some other bad areas slide then. If you want Realpolitiks II to look somewhat good, do not zoom in too close.


Realpolitiks II is currently an okay strategy game that could be great. Developers need to look into some areas, while the game is still in early access and make use of the feedback they can get. Realpolitiks II does get a few areas right, but it also lacks in many others. It can be very addictive as I have seen from the first game, but there is just so much waiting currently, and you got nothing else sometimes to do but wait. And if that does not get tweaked, I don’t see good things in future for Realpolitiks II. I hope you enjoyed our review of Realpolitiks II.

Realpolitiks II Review
Realpolitiks II is currently an okay strategy game that could be great. If the developers fix and tweak some things, Realpolitiks II could be truly great.
In-Depth Gameplay
AI Is Good
Projects Are Awesome
Too Much Waiting